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Caramel Chocolate: The Latest Growing Flavour Trend

Caramel Chocolate is the latest trending chocolate flavour made from caramelised white chocolate, with a tantalising golden colour, creamy texture and flavour with notes of biscuit and sea salt – it certainly possesses premium and indulgence in both look and taste!

According to Innova, Caramel remains one of the most popular flavours for consumers, ranking second only to chocolate in numerous food sectors, consumers turn to caramel for comfort and indulgence making caramel chocolate the perfect combination of the two!

Texture is also a key component for innovation with sensory exploration being a growing trend in food and drink (Source: The Food People). Caramel can be used to enhance texture across a range of products for unique and richer eating experiences. With increased texture also comes indulgence which is definitely here to stay. Despite an increased focus on health and wellbeing, consumers still want to experience indulgence in food. Classic ‘brown’ flavours such as caramel, chocolate and vanilla are perfect for delivering a luxurious treat (Source: Innova Market Insights).

With caramel chocolate being such a sweet and indulgent flavour, it pairs perfectly with flavours such as salted caramel, nut flavours, citrus, coffee and nougat which help to cut the sweetness whilst still adding luxurious and interesting flavour twists to well known products (Source: Innova Market Insights).


If caramel chocolate interests and excites you, Nimbus are delighted to present our brand new range of caramel chocolate inclusions which can add value by enriching desserts with flavour and texture and can add an elegant and sophisticated look to any product.

The below Caramel Chocolate inclusions will form our core portfolio, however we are able to offer bespoke finishes and coat a wide range of other inclusions in caramel chocolate depending on your specific project requirements. If you’d like to discuss your ideas, reach out to the team below or contact your Account Manager – we look forward to getting creative with you!

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