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How honeycomb can still bring excitement to consumers

Honeycomb is where our heart is, but how do we keep this classic flavour relevant? We have been making honeycomb since we opened in 1996, and our dedicated honeycomb line means we consider ourselves as experts when it comes to this versatile ingredient!

With its delicious flavour and golden colour, its no surprise that honeycomb is a staple in many products across the globe – but the key to its success is its diversity and the element of surprise to consumers.

Honeycomb is all about adding texture, whether this be tiny chips or large spheres, the signature crunch is what consumers are looking for in their products. We’ve seen it introduced into truffles, cake bars, ice-cream and even as its own product – large honeycomb pieces dipped or covered.

Although this is a classic flavour, it can easily be used alongside flavours to add balance. Match honeycomb with dark chocolate, lavender and walnut to bring sweetness to a floral taste or add to a blood orange flavour for a sharp twist. Include honeycomb chips to add extra decoration to simple products or add crunch to pastry.


We make a terrific range of honeycomb inclusions, available in multiple formats and a variety of sizes. Our honeycomb inclusions can be chocolate coated, uncoated or even flavour infused! They add a crunchy texture to confectionery products, ice creams, snack bars and chilled or frozen desserts.

However you like your Honeycomb, we know we have something to fit the bill! We have Chocolate Covered, Coloured and Gold, but get in touch to bounce your creativity off us! Nothing is too “out there” for the Nimbus team!



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