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Importance of Inclusions in Product Differentiation

Inclusions have many benefits and have long been used to add taste, texture and aesthetic appeal to bakery, snacks and confectionery. However, one very important aspect of inclusions is that they can be used for diversifying products.

A slight change in inclusions or colours can be used to create seasonal variants and limited editions in products. For example, using stand out colours and shaped inclusions for Halloween…

…and indulgent inclusions such as fudge, chocolate coated biscuit balls and bright sugar-coated chocolate eggs for Easter. These slight inclusion nuances really help with product differentiation and enable products to stand out to be represented differently.

A more recent and newsworthy example of this is seen in the M&S vs Aldi (Colin vs Cuthbert) debate where M&S made a legal complaint against Aldi, claiming that their Cuthbert the Caterpillar cake looked too similar to their well-known Colin. Other popular supermarket chains like Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Morrisons, Waitrose and Co-op all have their own versions of caterpillar cake. As seen in the image to the right, all of these cakes look incredibly similar with regards to base colour, shape and size. However, the one aspect making them stand out from one another is their inclusions (including their colourful chocolate faces).

This crucial news feature has shown the significance of inclusions and how imperative they are in product differentiation!


If you are thinking of making the next ‘caterpillar cake’, as you can see, it is key to add a variety of inclusions to differentiate your product against the competition! Why not check out our vast product range which offers an array of colourful and delicious inclusions.

Coloured sugar, fruity jelly dots and popping candy are just a few to name!



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