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How flavours can affect consumers’ mood

We’ve always seen ingredients relating to mood in the beauty sector, but can food and beverages relate to specific moods of consumers? In line with the growing focus globally on mental wellbeing, there are rising numbers of consumers that have taken action and made purchases to improve their wellness and mood.

Within the food and beverage industry, we often see on pack claims to improve energy, for example in to-go coffees or energy drinks. However, in a top 10 trend for 2021, as predicted by Innova, consumers will be looking to improve a wide variety of moods with more natural flavours and ingredients.

Although there are often health benefits to using certain ingredients, we have also seen flavours play a major part in this trend. It’s important to choose the right ingredients for the right time, as consumers relate certain flavours with certain moods.

Flavours like lavender, chamomile, matcha and other botanicals portray a relaxing and calming mood, whereas blueberries, orange and green tea are there to enhance energy and focus. These natural flavourings can be introduced to a multitude of our products, and we see this trend being implemented throughout many different categories, including yoghurt, baked goods, cereal bars and confectionery.



We’re excited to see the rise of this trend in 2021 and have plenty of ideas on how to dictate mood in your products, how about lavender infused meringue drops, orange infused berries, coconut fudge or blueberry cereal balls!

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