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The Rise of Nostalgic Flavours in Different Product Formats

The recent pandemic has brought copious amounts of stress, worry and uncertainty to consumers due to change in lifestyle. This has left consumers looking for ways to alleviate that stress by turning to traditional and nostalgic comfort food which has offered something soothing and familiar during times of uncertainty.

Supermarkets have reported an increase in nostalgic food sales, and internet searches for childhood classics have significantly risen throughout the past 12 months. The reasoning behind these findings is that the food we eat during childhood become associated with being physically nourished as well as emotionally looked after. In other words, consumers want to be reminded of better times and to focus on these to get by.

With consumers yearning for moments of enjoyment that often come in the form of indulgent treats, companies and NPD have focused on this and combined it with nostalgic flavours in different product formats. Recent new product launches have seen a rise in traditional British flavours such as Cherry Bakewell, Sticky Toffee Pudding and Banoffee Pie in familiar products like biscuits, cookies and snack bars.

As well as observing new trends with traditional flavours, modern nostalgia is an up and coming insight which mixes traditional with trendy. Modern nostalgia is all about reimagining flavours and adding exotic and modern flavours in familiar products to give them modern flavour twists. An interesting take on this concept is ‘borrowed’ nostalgia where consumers are also finding comfort in flavours across the globe including Biscoff traditionally from the Netherlands and flavours such as Matcha and yuzu which are Asian influenced.


Here at Nimbus, we offer a range of traditional flavoured inclusions such as toffee or honeycomb as well as the majority of our range having the ability to be flavour and colour coated for your traditional flavour needs.

How about cherry bakewell shortcake balls or raspberry jelly dots to add a touch of nostalgia to any sweet treat!

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