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The Use of Inclusions in a Plant Forward World

It comes as no surprise that consumers are now following a more plant forward lifestyle. Having been merely a trend a couple of years ago, consumers are now incorporating plant-based into every aspect of their lives and is readily available almost everywhere!

We have recently seen a surge in duplicates and replicates of dairy products in the plant-based market. However, companies are now seeing the importance plant-based innovation to keep consumers interested by creating plant-based desserts and confectionery.

Inclusions and toppings are seen in a multitude of product sectors including desserts, yogurt, ice cream, bakery and snacks. As well as utilising inclusions in dairy products, it’s also essential to incorporate these into plant-based products to keep them inviting, interesting and most importantly, on par with their dairy equivalents!

Indulgence is also a key trend when thinking about desserts and confectionery, and consumers certainly don’t want to miss out on this when choosing plant-based sweet treats. Inclusions can be beneficial here by adding delightful flavours, colours and textures to spice up a dessert. Or they can add to a multi-layered dessert to add even more indulgence and surprise which makes the consumer come back for more!


Here at Nimbus, we can offer a range of plant-based inclusions for your every need including honeycomb, fudj, sugar pearls, biscuit and popping candy options.

Take a look through the plant-based section on our website here or why not use our product selector tool here to find the exact plant-based inclusion you’re looking for!

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