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Using Inclusions to Enhance and Diversify Texture

Texture and mouthfeel is a key aspect for food and plays an important role in how consumers assess different products with regards to quality and experience.

Texture is very versatile with it being added into multiple food sectors, with bakery and confectionery being the leading categories by being accountable for over 30% of global new product launches collectively in the past year alone according to Innova.

Trend data from Innova is showing us that 7 in 10 consumers are after unexpected and new experiences when it comes to food as they increasingly recognise the influence of texture. We’re seeing this in the younger generations who are known to be the ‘thrill-seekers’ who crave interesting textures which allows them to be surprised and intrigued.

By including a hard crunch or a soft chew, texture adds another dimension to products which creates a more elevated experience for consumers. This ensures that as many interesting flavours are incorporated into products by using multi-layering, stacking and topping which inclusions can really help with.

According to a global Innova survey, indulgence claims are among the top 5 factors that most influence consumer food and beverage purchasing decisions. Texture adds that little bit of extra indulgence and premiumisation which is so important for consumers.


If you’re looking to enhance and diversify your products with texture, Nimbus can offer a range of inclusions to suit your requirements – it’s what we do best!

If you didn’t already know, we have an impressive product selector tool so you can find the perfect inclusions for your texture needs. Take a look here where you can search for ingredients by texture, whether it’s soft, fluffy, fizzy or crumbly you’re looking for, we are confident that we’ll be able to satisfy your every need!


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