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We pride ourselves at Nimbus in being a creative and innovative team. We are always looking for new food trends, developing exciting new products that meet the needs of our customers and their new product development agendas.

Nimbus Sugar Strands

We now produce all of our Sugar Strands ‘in house’ at our ‘nut free’ factory in Dolgellau. Producing in our dedicated ‘in house facility’ has enabled us to be much more innovative with our range of colours and customer specific developments.

Nimbus Fudge Cubes

We have recently invested in cutting capability, providing Nimbus with the ability to produce fudge cubes of various sizes and dimensions. A new recipe designed to stay soft in ice-cream has been developed and is also being supplied for use in soft eating caramel cookies.

Our core product is a 6mm Caramel Fudge cube, but we have plans to develop the range with other shapes & sizes, as well as new flavours.

Innovative Inclusions

We’re leading the way on inclusions and decorations for commercial application. Whether you need ingredients for bakery, beverages, chilled and frozen desserts, confectionery, ice cream, snacks and cakes or yoghurt, we can accommodate your needs.

We continue to develop products focused on benefits for the commercial food industry to help you differentiate your products from your competitors. Our bake stable inclusions for example resist high temperatures, making them ideal for a range of breads, cakes and pastries.

We specialise in manufacturing and supplying the following inclusions and decorations:

Bakery Inclusions
Cake Inclusions
Chocolate Coated Inclusions
Chocolate Inclusions (suitable for use in confectionery)
Fat coated Inclusions
Hundreds and Thousands Decorations
Ice Cream Inclusions

To see our full collection of inclusions, visit our product range page.